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Kay let's do this. - So many colors hidden in one
And oh so much more
Kay let's do this.
I will play my character how I play him. If I tell you that, with provocation like the sort he's just had (which boils down to someone blowing the secret of something the person he's desperately in love with/overprotective of is incredibly afraid of people knowing) it's OOC for him to not kill that person? It's OOC for him to not kill that person.

No, no amount of bitching and complaining and telling me how to play me character (wtf?) will change what I know. No, sending out a message saying if he does so he'll be kicked from the corps won't change how he reacts. It might make him pause for a second, consider a couple points, cycle him through regret, since he loves his job and all, but in the end he would be more likely to challenge your character for HIS position if he carried out the threat. No, he wouldn't settle for inflicting torture on the guy for it--he wouldn't think that's enough for this particular sin. No, it's not because OOCly I want to handle the guy myself. OOCly I want to Five Element Seal him to screw him up and hand him over to your character, since he'd do worse than kill him.

And really, since the only reason you're harping on about my character taking petty IC revenge is because you want your character to take petty IC revenge for something else he did, I find that in this situation you are kind of the hypocrite.

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