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Powers and Things for Enzan:

These are not his set abilities, but rather things I can attribute to him having via implications in my writing.

-Truth compulsion. I've said right out before that he can detect lies, but there are certain things that make me pause in some of my phrasing.
"...He wasn't sure why he was saying this." From Tatsuya, when relaying confidential information he probably shouldn't have. I've seen it with others, too. People just...tell him things without meaning to.

-Evil detection. This is less implied than the rest, since supposedly he can sense danger specifically and not really evil per se, but he's been implied to have a sort of Detect Evil a couple of times.

-Empathy. At the very least, he can pick up strong emotions when his own self-control is worn. He can't interpret them, though, as everyone's emotions feel different. He actively tamps this one down.

-Powers of irritation. Enzan can get under the skin of the most mild-mannered, the most controlled, and the most good-willed people. This isn't just when I'm writing him against my own characters either. It's not just that he's a jerk. There are plenty of jerks in the setting who don't draw the same irritation. It could be a reverse of his (implied) Love powers.

-Even before I knew TV Tropes, Enzan's personality was a combination of some of the pivotal ones: Love Redeems, Love Makes You Evil (canceling out--he's essentially Neutral, though good-intentioned), Love Hurts (he's tragic, yes, but both intentionally cruel sometimes and a masochist), Love Makes You Crazy (Chaotic and all, plus how most of his love interests are either Tsun or Yandere), and Love Makes You Dumb (he's never professed to be a smart person, and he's particularly awkward around his love interests). Which...really makes me look at it and think maybe my subconscious knows something I don't, since before I wrote him as the anthropomorphic personification for Love I probably would've not put Love as a chaotic neutral mostly amoral rogue.

Got the blues?: bored bored

No, you didn't bring up that you were an emotional wreck. You don't act like one. You act like a jackass, or perhaps an internet tough guy.

You also weren't even attempting to be civil.

Your point?

Got the blues?: aggravated aggravated

Benevolent: Combat Medic
Cadency: Musical Assassin
Chakra Attuned: Energy Absorption
Demonic Ancestry: Dark Is Edgy
Earthborn: Dishing Out Dirt
Empathetic: The Power Of Love
Ghost Walker: Intangible Man
Hawkeye: Straight Arrow
One with the Sky: Shock And Awe
Opportunist: Combat Pragmatist
Pyromaniac: Playing With Fire
Quick Learner: Badass Bookworm
Reckless: Lightning Bruiser
Shadow Boxer: Bare Fisted Monk
Spiritualist: Light The Way
Steadfast: Mighty Glacier
Temporal Strider: Time Master
Void Adept: Anti Magic
Water Affinity: Making A Splash
Wind Valkyrie: Blow You Away

Got the blues?: amused amused

If you are gonna be a mod, check and make sure you have two things first:

1) A brain.
2) A backbone.

If you have neither of these things, fuck off. Seriously. We don't need mods who are 'nice guys.' You can't please everyone, you know. So do your damn job, and when a metagaming, bullying, harassing jackass of a player asks to be let back into your village, what do you say?

You say 'hell no' with a side of fries.

Stop whining when I say no to things you like.

Stop being a bitch and complaining and arguing whenever someone points out you're wrong.

Stop fucking being a second version of that douche everyone hates.

Sometimes being a mod means saying no! Yeah, okay, we've got one guy who knows the guy in question IRL and is bias, and technically he shouldn't have voted. And then we have the others, who are also saying yes to be nice, and totally ignoring what the people who actually know/have researched the guy are saying. (I say that because, out of all the council mods who don't know the guy, only ONE bothered to check his recent posts and see if he'd improved. And provided links, proving he hadn't.)

Yano what? I am super tempted to say fuck it. One of the VA doesn't seem to care, the other is with me, and one of my other fellow Head Admin is with me on the 'fuck no.' He pointed out the player in question was harassing him through PMs.

Let me say this again, slowly.

The guy is harassing a head admin through PM, and you think you guys, mods, with no powers to either ban him (no access), vote to ban him (not admin), or stop him IC if he starts metagaming (not strong enough) can handle him.

Good fucking grief.

The worst part of it is, one of you, the 'nice guy' who whines about every call I make, should be smart enough to look at the evidence. If you hadn't already decided you were automatically right.

So. You either ignored the evidence, or you read it without paying any real attention to it. Nice fucking job, dumbass.

At least your predecessor learned from his mistakes. You? You got nothing.

You can't get the hell out of my village fast enough.

Got the blues?: angry angry

Fandom: EXE/Classic Rifts AU [needs a tag]
Title: The Confrontation
Rating: PG-13, couple of swears
Pairing: Blues/Enzan, Implied Proto/Enzan
Type: One-shot
Warning: Slash. Angst.
PoV: Enzan's
Spoilers: I am supposed to leave the love triangle alone when it's technically resolved, right?
Other: There are hypothetical scenarios, and then there is this, which is something I don't even understand. Type 7 Triang Relations, yo.

And I'm warning you, don't ever do, those crazy messed-up things that you do. If you ever do, I promise you, I'll be the first to crucify you.Collapse )

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Fandom: EXE Playing With Fire AU [which will get its own tag now]
Title: The Final Battle, Part 1 [BR Whirlwind AU]
Rating: PG
Pairing: Implied Blues/Rockman. Well, Netto and Enzan are like eleven and hate each other at this point. So yeah.
Type: One-shot
Warning: Violence. It's a battle, what do you expect?
PoV: Third person. Veers in different direction, but Blues most often, apparently.
Spoilers: Sort of. It's the final N1 battle after all.
Other: This would not go away. Because while I had the idea of who won the N1 in this 'verse done, and that it was a real splitting point from canon, and that some things happened so amazingly differently, and that...this was a real establishing thing, I hadn't plotted the actuality of it out. That it all came down to this, when I had the original idea. But then I realized, while there was a clear victor in their first battle (which I need to write up also at some point), that this would have to be down to the wire, like in canon. But in so much a different way. Also, note that I'm starting at perhaps the pivotal point a bit earlier--the team-up match against the solo Navis. The question that came to mind while doing this was 'how much of this will happen like in canon, and is AU-Netto as big an ass as canon-Enzan?' The answers? Some, and yeah, at least.

The problem wasn't that they didn't work well together, because they did.Collapse )

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-I- don't do anything?

-I- sit around insulting people?

Better take a look at which one of us has their last several OOC posts comprised of self-righteous screeds, buddy. It ain't me.

And seriously, if you think I'm sitting around on a high horse, you had better check that at the door, because my self-confidence generally hovers somewhere around negative levels. If it didn't, I would be you, and thank god I'm not.


From here.

1. Not allowed to give characters siblings anymore. Ever.

Current character has two siblings.

2. Not allowed to plot to suicide run characters.

Last time I did that was with Saito, after the list was written.

3. Cannot drive characters insane by forcibly making them orphans.

Surprisingly unbroken since, though my current character wishes he was an orphan.

4. Not allowed any more amnesia plot devices.

Broken with Enzan.

5. 'Screw you all' is not a valid reason for a decision.

Probably lasted up until like five minutes after writing it.

6. Spearing someone on a rusty fork is not a legitimate punishment.
7. Even if they deserve it.

Recently, one of my characters threatened to rip someone's brain out through their nose with a tuning fork. Pretty sure that counts.

8. Not allowed to character concept while listening to music.

Again, maybe five minutes.

9. Not allowed to RP while listening to music.

Five minutes would be pushing it.

10. Not allowed to RP 'something I thought was cool in chat.'

"Hey guys, I'm going to have him ride down a tree on a shield while shooting arrows, just like Legolas!"

11. Cannot kill off a character ICly because he was 'getting too mouthy in the headspace.'

Also unbroken, though Enzan came close.

12. Not allowed to try and convince other players to break the combat system.
13. No matter how cool it would be.

I've lost count of how many times I've done this.

14. Enforcers are not personal escorts.

I've never done it, but the person I wrote this about continued to. And still does.

15. Just because someone is trying to enter the village does not mean I can kill them.

If I get summoned and they're our enemies, that's okay though.

16. Cannot plot to kill everyone just for being stupid.

With my 'kill a bunch of Missings when I run' plan, this is broken.

17. Whining is not a highly infectious disease.
18. Or a severe health risk.
19. Or a reason to kill on sight.

But it does let me threaten people with tuning forks.

20. Giant spiders are not a plot device.

I, personally, haven't broken it, but I've seen it broken again.

21. Massive, centuries-old, top-secret organizations do not have to have traitors in them to be interesting.

Oddly averted. My current character got shut out of his family's mafia thing when he revealed his true colours.

22. Called Shot is all fun and games until I have to fix someone's eye I shot out.

No longer a medic, no longer have Called Shot.

23. Not allowed to refer to crossbow as 'my little sub-machine gun' ICly.
24. Not allowed to refer to crossbow as 'plasma rifle' ICly.

Never actually did it personally. People still want guns, though.

25. Not allowed to take the career vampire hunter.

There is currently a character who thinks she's a vampire in Mist, so this may change.

26. 'Kick ass and take names later' is not a valid attitude for a medic.

This was why Enzan lasted approximately a month as a medic.

27. Not allowed to panic and go for the shotguns whenever a flood is mentioned.

We are...still thinking of a flood plot.

28. Cannot build chakra-powered rocket out of scrap armor, headsets, and old TVs.

Again, not me, and hasn't been tried since.

29. Cannot petition for alien race to invade as a sidebar plot.

Gave it up.

30. My character cannot be the sole discoverer of the lost city of Atlantis.
31. There is no lost city of Atlantis in this setting.

I settled for an equivalent. Not sure if that's better or anything.

32. 'Because everyone was doing it' is not a valid reason to go blow up part of Leaf.
33. Even if everyone is doing it.

Still wanna.

34. No, 'Ninja in Space' would not be the coolest thing ever.

It totally would. But not broken yet.

35. 'Because I was bored' is not a valid reason for ANYTHING.

Except, apparently, everything.

36. There is no Time Travel no Jutsu.
37. There is no Switch Villages no Jutsu.
38. There is no Go Missing no Jutsu.

Temporal Strider. Switching villages without running with a passport. Going in a large group. Only the first one was my fault.

39. It's Version 5.8, not Version 6.0.
40. Or Version 5.2.
41. Or Version 5.967432. As awesome as it sounds.

Actually, it's Version 5.5 now.

42. Ninja cannot fly.

Not me then or now.

43. Not allowed to have a Water Affinitist who's afraid of water.

Did it back then.

44. Not allowed to have a tone-deaf Cadency user.

Well, I've never used Cadency.

45. There is no trait 'Fearless,' so my sniper cannot have it.
46. No, not even on alternate Thursdays.

But I treat Reckless as immune to fear effects for flavour purposes.

47. Not allowed to make a sniper medic and then complain about spreading stats.

We apparently have someone pulling this off, though.

48. There is no such thing as a 'combat medic,' as all medics in this setting have to fight.

Well, they used to. No longer a medic.

49. Not allowed to go looking for things to kill just because I can.

I have to wait for orders first. But the 'kill the Missings' thing...yeah.

50. Absolutely, under no circumstances, am I allowed to ever, ever, EVER apply for Mizukage. Ever.

I've been Mizukage twice, the Fourth and Sixth were Saito and Enzan respectively.

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Real Alignment: Chaotic Good
Pretend Alignment: Lawful Good.

He's actually Chaotic Good because he's used to not following rules, because he had to adopt a rebellious attitude to maintain his Good status through his child and young adult years. Secretly, he doesn't actually care about the rules--he cares about the people. If he has to break some rules to help the right people (using the exploding notes to destroy the weapons factory, hiding Hibiki from the law, barging into an enemy stronghold without calling backup) he will. He's also partly using the laws, in order to keep himself shielded from trouble while actively doing good. This, however, will end up backfiring on him severely.

He pretends to be Lawful Good because he's an ANBU, and because it's escapism. If he seems, on the surface, to be all spit-and-polish and follow the rules, then his name will be dismissed in consideration for anything illicit or covert he's done, and it's helped him move through the ranks. He also sees it as a way to atone for the perceived sins of the family, as it were, though this has lessened over the years. By pretending to be clean, he dissociates himself from his family's activities and absolves any guilt he might feel in them. It also keeps him in a position to do things he needs to do, and to keep tabs on suspicious people.

Real Alignment: Chaotic Good
Pretend Alignment: Neutral Good.

He's actually Chaotic Good because he constantly goes directly against what is expected or wanted of him (or indeed, is even sane or smart) fully knowing that he isn't supposed to do it. He does this because he has a drive to help people, or to get things done, and often this can lead him into extremes which he is full willing to pursue. (Defeating his alter ego, gaining Demon Contract, running off after his promotion.) He's not concerned about rules or ruffled feathers so much (his dealings with Hira, coming back as a ghost), just about the wellbeing and safety of people.

He pretends to be Neutral Good because that's what he was before he split and re-merged his alter ego, and it's what he believes people expect of him. He also abhors violence as a general rule, so the 'friend to all living things' persona is easy to cultivate--though what he pretends is different than how he actually sees it. He also doesn't think a leader should be too wild, and when he becomes one that tempers his willingness to move forward. He can still exhibit concern for his people this way, but doesn't have to pretend he likes the rules--even if he can no longer actively break them.

Real Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Pretend Alignment: Chaotic Good.

He's actually Chaotic Neutral because he is one of the most wildly selfish characters I've ever played. He does not, genuinely, have the actual scruples to care about protecting everyone by the time he reaches adulthood. He has pride in his job, but there's no care in it beyond it being an accomplishment. His recklessness with himself in combat is mistaken for selflessness when it's really more stubbornness. He also does not care even slightly about rules as they apply to him and will willfully break them whenever it suits them, using his rank to get away with it. He's basically the jackass version of Tatsuya.

He pretends to be Chaotic Good because it suits his purposes to be seen as a righteous crusader of justice. That's pretty much it in a nutshell. It's easy for him to do this because he was basically that when he was younger, and just lost the ability to care about much in his rebuffing of people. He also could never even pretend to be lawful, as his disrespect for the laws is extremely well ingrained, and even pretending to follow them strictly would bug the hell out of him. That's pretty much how he earned his immortality, in fact--he just didn't care for the rules.

Real Alignment: Lawful Good [childhood 1], Neutral Good [teen-possession], Chaotic Good [post-possession], Neutral Evil [childhood 2], Chaotic Neutral [merc training-present].
Pretend Alignment: Lawful Good [life 1], Neutral Evil [life 2]

Enzan's a bit of an odd duck in that he's much more complex than I can directly quantify like the others. He's the only character I've ever written who has been so clearly defined and so flexible in younger years. In both cases he pretended to retain his first alignment in that lifetime when he actually shifted his thinking. It's easier for a ruler to pretend to be Lawful; it's easier for a mercenary to pretend to be self-serving and malicious. He also ended up no longer pretending, eventually.

Unlike any of the others, he didn't pretend to get something or due to a position. He did so because he figured it'd be easier on him, and because he was slow to adjust his actions to his mindset, having browbeat them into himself for so long. He's Chaotic Neutral through and through now because he no longer cares about pretending. Even slightly. If people have problems with a mercenary who cares and is spontaneous, tough. They can take it up with his sword.

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Seriously dude, if you keep whining just because you lost, I am definitely going to find out if it's possible to beat someone to death with a paper napkin.

Because I will do it.

To you.

Am I being unsubtle enough yet?


You lost.

Deal with it.

Leave the mod alone.

It's also kinda silly for you to call me an 'easy mark' when you just lost to me.

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Because it came to me when I finished this incredible, awesome, novel-length Harry Potter fic. The question is whether I can do the research to pull it off, but...something's got to be wrong with the Spectrum kids.

EnzanCollapse )
NettoCollapse )
IrisCollapse )

It was a toss-up for Iris between Schizoid and Schizotypal. In the end I went with the first. It's better for her to be cool and logical for the plot rather than fearful.

On Netto's alters: These are just the ones I've decided on, the major ones. It's possible one might be created by some of the stress in the story, or I might place another in split order between Saito and Sayuri, but these are the major gears he needs. And no, I haven't decided if he's going to integrate any of them. He can probably cope better than the other two can, as he's more used to his condition, it having been there most of his life.

Functionally, Enzan will be the worst. He will not be able to deal without medication as the stress of his position rises and the story unfolds, and the mild antipsychotics he's taking might not be entirely sufficient. The fact that he's Disorganized type rather than Paranoid type renders him more functional than he otherwise would be, but it will still become very noticeable to everyone something's wrong with him before the end.

Iris will be pretty functional at first, though she will deteriorate around other people when she's unable to be alone for a long time. She will push people away when it's not necessary to talk with them, although she'll be a shade more tolerant around Hayashi when she discovers the alter due to his lack of strong emotional response as well. She will still get progressively worse through the story, though she will both fare and come out of it a lot better than Enzan.

Since he's dealt with it so long, Netto will be fairly okay throughout the course of the story, more alters potentially being split notwithstanding. He doesn't face the adaptation problems the other two do, having already been adapted, and on the whole he and all his alters have gotten pretty good at hiding it. By the time Enzan has gotten practically hysterical (yeah, that's not gonna be pretty), Netto will be well on his way to recovery.

Still need to do some research, but that's one roadblock down.

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Got the blues?: creative creative

Cut for swearing and crap no one cares aboutCollapse )

Hugs and kisses,

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Got the blues?: pissed off pissed off

Kay guys. I'm gonna swear at you here so that I don't swear directly at you.

Get. The fuck. Out of. My section.

I'm serious. Get the fuck out of Dev unless someone with the authority (namely me) lets you in. I don't bugger up your sections and interfere with your work. You are slowing us down. You are meddling. STOP.

Trust me, this would be going a lot more smoothly if you QUIT BUGGERING IT UP.

Yeah, some of the topics are locked. You know why? Most of them are done. The rest haven't entered the review stage where they would be open. Don't come yelling at me because you don't understand how we operate, or at the very least, ASK before stomping around like an elephant.

Worst part? You don't have the authority to step on me; we are the same rank. I really don't think anyone has called you in (and even if they had, you know damn well you are supposed to relay such requests to one of the three of the admin who can work in that section).

You are distracting me to the point where I can't work or write on the site. That's really, really douchebaggy behaviour. Now stop.

I am going to ask you both politely the next time I see you. Give you one more chance before I yell at you in front of everyone.

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A bunch of song-inspired fics.

Fandom: Ninpocho (ahahaha, holy crap, I am seriously doing this.) Mist specifically.
Title: She's a Rebel
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sorta kinda Tatsuya/Hibiki.
Type: One-shot
Warning: Blood.
PoV: Third person limited, Tatsuya.
Spoilers: For the current Bloody Rose arc.
Other: Tatsuya is my PC and Hibiki is my event NPC so I don't feel bad about this. Also, Tatsuya is technically Chaotic Good, but he is still technically the right arm of the law in Mist out of necessity, and thus kind of inhibits his anti-authority tendencies for the sake of protecting the village. Ryouki is proto_exe's character as of this plot.

She's a rebel, vigilante, missing link on the brink of destructionCollapse )

Fandom: EXE Manga
Title: Tangled Up in Me
Rating: PG
Pairing: Enzan/Meiru
Type: One-shot
Warning: Het. Implied character deaths.
PoV: Second, to Meiru.
Spoilers: No. Technically post-manga, but nothing in it refers to the events thereof.
Other: It's weird, but I really like this pairing in the manga. And nowhere else. And hey, has anyone else noticed how pretty much any injury in the manga generally results in Muramasa/Synchro Blues's visor cracking? XD Oh, holy crap Duo in the manga. Yeah, I'm crazy, only question is can I make this into something?

You wanna know more, more, more about me? I'm the girl that's sweeping you off your feet.Collapse )

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Got the blues?: creative creative

Fandom: EXE/Classic Rifts AU
Title: Untitled (no, that really is the title)
Rating: PG
Pairing: hinted one-sided twisted Blues/Enzan. Proto/Enzan mentioned.
Type: One-shot
Warning: Well slash yeah.
PoV: Enzan's, second person.
Spoilers: A fair bit for this AU.
Other: Probably more cognizant if you read it as Enzan's thoughts, since it's very stream of consciousness. And while I frequently write this Enzan's speech as being more informal and very colloquial, he is occasionally prone to philosophical ramblings. And of course, being an Enzan, he is no idiot, no matter what he'd like people to think of him. And it's 4 AM and I needed to write.

There are not words for this feeling, nor will there ever be.Collapse )

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Got the blues?: blah blah

Wherein I pick song inspirations that have been bugging the crap out of me and write variations of them.

First up: this song. All stories being written with it on loop in iTunes. Play count at the start: 68. After the first: 79. Second: 97. Play count at the end: 110. Ouch.

Fandom: EXE Sprite AU
Title: Cross My Heart
Rating: Probably PG-ish.
Pairing: Netto/Enzan with a smidge of Blues/Rockman, and somehow this OC/Enzan thing snuck in there ffff I hate pairing characters with OCs but dammit.
Type: One-shot
Warning: Slash. Also, mood whiplash liek whoa.
PoV: Neutral.
Spoilers: A bit, for this AU.
Other: Their will-they-won't-they is frustrating even to me and I'm the one writing it. It doesn't help that recently, while LARPing this particular Enzan, he has more chemistry with the main VILLAIN (OC) than Netto. Argh. Annoyance, thy name is Enzan.

Take me with you, I'd start to miss you, take me home, I don't wanna be alone tonightCollapse )

Fandom: EXE/Classic Rifts AU
Title: Cross My Heart
Rating: 14A
Pairing: Proto/Enzan
Type: One-shot
Warning: Skip this if you dislike slash.
PoV: Neutral again.
Spoilers: Some, for this AU. I'm not sure this AU has been unlocked anywhere around here, so uh. Some weird stuff that is actually completely natural for the setting.
Other: Sometimes, when two characters not in a pairing have more chemistry and compatibility than the pairing one of the characters is in with another, you gotta bite the bullet. Proto is an AU Blues anyway, though...

I miss the stupid things we'd go to sleep and then, you'd wake me up and kick me out of bed at three AMCollapse )

Fandom: The Sprite EXE AU...again.
Title: Cross My Heart
Rating: PG-13-ish
Pairing: Netto/Enzan (one-sided...?), OC (Domino)/Enzan
Type: One-shot
Warning: Yeah it looks like slash from here, don't it. And...moral crisis much, Enzan.
PoV: Enzan's
Spoilers: *checks* Yeah. I guess.
Other: This song appears to have usurped 'My Life Would Suck Without You' as this Netto and Enzan's song.

And I do want to show you, I will run to you, to you till, I can't stand on my own anymoreCollapse )

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Got the blues?: creative creative

No really, I do. I wouldn't stick around if I didn't, trust me.

I love Missing, because they are the ones that can get the plots moving without dragging everyone else into it. You're independent, babes, have fun with it and rock on.

I love Sand, because you have the ability to keep drama to themselves, and churn out some truly awesome roleplays. You have the power, guys. Keep being cool.

I love Leaf, because you can always count on them to be doing something interesting, and some of the best fights happen there. You're IC drama queens, but that's savvy.

I love Cloud, because you guys are so damn innovative, and you don't hold with stupidity for long. You definitely have a place in my heart. Stay chill.

I love Mist, because you have the best ideas, such fun people, and you've been my home for most of the time I've been on the site. You are the best, I would never go anywhere else.

I love the mods, because while there are some of you I wouldn't trust farther than you have gone, you are the filters that put up with a lot of the shit. Groove on.

I love Dev, because you guys are so unlucky, but you keep going anyway. I know you'll do your jobs in the end, and I know you have the guts to see v6 through. You're snazzy, keep with it.

I love Plot, because as much shit as I give you guys, you really shine with the ideas. Your past efforts have all been successes, and this one will be too. Shine on.

I love Admin, because you have to put up with so much just to keep the site running. I know we have our rocky periods, and we're in one now, but we'll tough it out. Keep running.

I love you all most of all, because together, we're what makes the site. Without all of you, even the troublemakers, the site would not be what it is. Let's keep going.

And this is just to remind me, because I do love it all.

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Vampires. In a Naruto RP.



Also, elemental affinities = suck. Restriction. Arguing for it, then against a different one. The spliff? Go to hell.

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1. Pick ten pairings, from any fandom. List them before you do this.
2. Set your media player of choice on shuffle.
3. Write a short fic, one pairing for each song as it comes up. You only get the length of the song to write it. No skipping songs.

Cut here!Collapse )


...Yeah, I just really wanted to do one of these.

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