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Pokémon White [1/?] - So many colors hidden in one
And oh so much more
Pokémon White [1/?]
Fandom: Pokémon (Gen V)
Title: Pokémon White: Shaymin Adventures (until I get a better title)
Rating: PG (for now, may rise due to violence)
Pairing: Potential N/White
Type: On-going
Warnings: AU, Pokémon as human
PoV: White (Shaymin)
Spoilers: For Pokémon White, entire game.
Other: This is basically a novelization of the 'extra' things I imagined around the margins of the game while playing it. See, while I was playing I decided to do something novel with my playthrough plot because Gamefreak had done something different with it, and that means using something I'd only dabbled with before. The protagonist (White, the female lead) is Shaymin, the Nature Spirit Pokémon, given human form in order to avert the disaster of Pokémon and humans being separated, as ordered by Arceus. Cresselia is her 'mother,' meant to give aid where needed. There are references to 'a past encounter with Darkrai' here too, that isn't meant to be a movie reference but rather one of my previous 'Shaymin' plays through Leaf Green. (Shaymin/Silmeria here is Mild, Cresselia is Bashful.)


There were multiple Shaymin in the world, of course. The human idea there was only one of them was ridiculous, as that was putting them on a level they weren't properly on. The only Pokémon there was truly one of was Lord Arceus, (and potentially Giratina--not that anyone knew one way or the other) and there would be as many of any of the rest as he so wished.

So this particular Cresselia floating through a field in Flower Paradise calling for 'Shaymin' meant she should have been calling for a particular one instead.

Multiple Shaymin in either Forme looked up to answer the Crescent Pokémon, with questioning cries, and she looked surprised by how many of them there were. Indeed, the green grassy-backed Land Forme Shaymin blended in almost perfectly with the landscape, but it was impossible to not see multiple Sky Forme Shaymin running around.

"I'm looking for the Shaymin who took on Darkrai by the will of Lord Arceus in Kanto several years ago." Cresselia was hovering anxiously above what the community of Grass types call the Western Plain of Flower Paradise. "In human form."

There was a high-voiced murmur that ran through the community at that. Conversations overlapped, and there was so much shifting among the Land Forme contingent that it looked as if a strong breeze had ruffled through the grass.

"Silmeria," one of the Sky Forme declared. "She'll be out on Seaside Cliff this time of day. She should be the only one in Sky Forme."

Cresselia continued to look anxious, bobbing about for a few more seconds, then dipped its head over in a strange version of a nod and floated off toward the sea.

There were a group of Shaymin there, a cluster of grass with flowers woven into it that rippled with the breeze surrounding a faintly sparkling Sky Forme.

It was a cloudy day, or she would have been sparkling more brightly, the feathered plants covering her body a slightly different colour from the rest of them. To say that any Shaymin in either forme were covered with moss (in Land Forme) or fur (in Sky) would have been ignoring the truth, that the grass types were actually covered in hundreds of tiny plants unique to the species that became mossy in Land Forme and feathery in Sky. These plants lived and grew only with Shaymin, and were thus affected by whatever affected them.

Silmeria, born 'shiny' as the humans would term it, had likewise had her plants turned a different colour as she grew, and absorb the shininess and alternate coloration native to her.

Strictly speaking, most Shaymin did not have names that could be expressed in any language but their own, but this one had been gifted with a human name when traveling with a trainer with a unique gift to understand them through the Sinnoh region and kept it for use among her own kind. Outside Flower Paradise, away from her former trainer and team, she still went by her species name like the rest.

Cresselia glided down to the group of Shaymin smoothly, 'landing' (Cresselia never truly landed, merely hovered closer to the ground) near them in time to hear Silmeria wrapping up a story.

"By that time, Giratina had calmed down enough to listen to us, and spoke his amazement at our trainer being able to hear him and speak with him. And so Lenneth pleaded with him to forgive humanity for Cyrus's actions, and asked that something be done to keep him away from causing harm again. Giratina agreed to leave an avatar in place on the Other Side in order to maintain watch on the dangerous human, and then requested come with us, even if it were only to gain himself some break from the Distortion World by relaxing in the comfort of a trainer's computer. So Lenneth held him up a Premier Ball, which he took an instant liking to, and consented to live in until such time as Lenneth became Sinnoh Champion and eventually retired, letting us all go."

Silmeria finished and the other Shaymin all chattered excitedly amongst themselves. 'Story hour' looked to be a regular occurrence at the cliffside, since they all bid goodbye to Silmeria and massed off toward the east, a sea of mossy green and pink flowers all engrossed in conversation.

"Hello Cresselia," she greeted, plainly no more able to tell apart individual Cresselia than the latter could individual Shaymin. "Is there a reason you're in Flower Paradise today? Not that you're not welcome, of course! It's just rare to see anyone else here."

The pink feathers on the Lunar Pokémon's back shimmered in nervousness. "As a matter of fact, Shaymin...I was sent by Lord Arceus. He requests you for another mission as a human."

Shaymin blinked and sat back on her haunches, brushing a sparkling green paw over her face. "Why me? I've already had the privilege of doing so before. Aren't we only supposed to get one chance at that?"

Cresselia bobbed up and down, then side to side. "Yes. No. I don't know. All I know is he requested you."

The nature spirit pawed the ground. "Is it important it be me specifically, and not just any Shaymin?"

"He said so."

She brightened. "A second time...what an honor! Can you take me to him?"

"Don't you need to tell anyone else?" She peered at the grass-type, still anxious.

"Your appearance here seeking me specifically has done that," she said cheerfully, standing up on all fours. "Everyone will have guessed already except the young ones, who will be told." She paused. "It's going to be strange to have two legs again. I tried walking like that once here, you know, and I fell right over! I don't know how it's so easy as a human."

Cresselia, who had never been chosen before, had no response.


Over the sea they flew, inland toward the Spear Pillar atop Mount Coronet and the Hall of Origin. The True Lord Arceus was not there, but it was a gateway for those he granted the ability to seek an audience with him. Whenever the Azure Flute found its way into another trainer's hands, Arceus would create an avatar of himself for the trainer to encounter and potentially capture.

Shaymin and Cresselia landed in the bright light atop the Hall of Origin, the former sparkling brightly and the latter gleaming with an iridescent shine. They passed in silence through the portal to Arceus's domain, Shaymin quivering in excitement and Cresselia with nerves.

Shaymin had been in this domain twice before, at the start and end of her adventure in Kanto. It defied explanation entirely, even then.

At least the Distortion World had some form of matter and sense in it. The only thing of Arceus's domain that seemed to remain from step to step was the fact they could still breathe--and considering Shaymin was a grass type and able to breathe through the plants on her body, and Cresselia could hold her breath for many hours, this didn't mean a lot.

"Lord Arceus?" Cresselia's voice shook. "Are...are you here?"

There was the sound of trumpets and suddenly he was there, in a form that alternated between shiny and not every second, blinking between gold and white and shimmering with light from nowhere, or as if he were the light itself.

Then there were no words, only meaning downloaded directly into their minds the instant they requested it. Both were silent, receiving, knowing that if Lord Arceus found it necessary to speak he would do so.

"I understand," both chorused together, when it was done. It took no time and all time before they knew what had to be done.


"Shaymin? Professor Juniper came by and dropped this off for you. She said Cheren and Bianca would be on their way..."

[End Part 1]

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