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So I Don't Forget - So many colors hidden in one
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So I Don't Forget
New idea.

Summary: It's several years after BN6. Random people from all over the world have suddenly started acting as if they were under the influence of Dark Power. A treatment is devised and is apparently successful, but without fail, several weeks after being treated, all these people begin to exhibit symptoms again--without being under the influence of the darkness. This is traced back to Soul Net's activation, but there is no apparent connection between any of those affected. What's more, those who have information on things aren't talking.

Extra stuff: Chaud and Lan are taking each others' courses for each other at university--because they don't quite yet want to tell their parents, especially Chaud's father, they're more interested in each others' majors. Getting the Team back together--at least occasionally. Past issues between Lan and Chaud's families? Something about a social worker. Mayl's one of the affected.

-Scene with Mayl going a bit nuts from the aftereffects. Laika enters with tranquilizer rifle, put this scene early to set up Chaud getting Team ProtoMan back together.
-Scene with Laika giving the duo the medical files and explaining the lack of connection.
-Scene in the research lab with the files getting handed over. (Bonus points for getting that thing in, having either Chaud or Lan turn on the charm to get the woman they hand the files to to stress the secrecy? Further bonus points for it being Chaud and Laika calling him a 'ladykiller' after. *snerk*)
-Scene with Lan and Chaud outlining their home lives and explaining to Laika why they don't want to tell their parents about the extra stuff.
-Scene in Sci-Lab with -awkwardness- with Lan's dad. Reveal Chaud ended up leaking the details of the files about a week after giving them to the research lab.

For some reason it keeps cropping up in my head that this could be a sequel of sorts to Balancer, though that doesn't entirely work as both are, since in that Chaud went to university at the end of the games and in this he took a few years off to do Official work, and in that Lan and Mayl are dating while in this they're just friends still. Not to mention the Navis are the main characters in that, while this focuses more on the humans. Plus in that Chaud had no real issues with his father and most of his personal angst is working out to be with ProtoMan, and he and Lan were perfectly interested in their canon paths. Basically this is a more mild AU than I usually do, but still AU, while Balancer could probably slot into canon if not for one or two tiny details...

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